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"From our first contact with  'Just Trucking' to the last few minutes on moving day we experienced friendly, informative service and professionalism. All of our questions were answered in a timely and respectful manner. Our movers were friendly, professional and efficient. Highly recommended!"

Are you moving?

Moving your furniture will best be done by our Just Trucking furniture removal service. We at Just Trucking aim to give you, our client complete satisfaction. We aim to make our transport operation transparent and efficient. We want you to discover that, when you chose Just Trucking, you acted wisely.


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We Really Really Care!

Moving day will be a relaxing experience when you make use of our professional moving service. Whether you use a 4 ton truck (Driver and two laborers) or an 8 ton truck (Driver and four laborers) you should sit back and relax as we carry all the furniture out of every room of Address A and into each room of Address B. Our service includes labor so enjoy!!!

We know with everything packed away you may have not had your morning pick me up. When we get to the second address you and your spouse can enjoy a complimentary cappuccino or cup of tea, on us, as we do all the work and make your move, dare we say it, almost fun!!


A Just Trucking booking requires that you

Box and wrap your goods yourself. Collect boxes from your local supermarket or buy them from the many box and wrapping suppliers across Gauteng. Bubble Wrap is highly recommended to be extensively used.

Choose a 4 ton truck or 8 ton truck as the vehicle you will need. A four ton truck generally moves, in one load, a 2 bedroom home inclusive of the contents of the lounge, dining room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms. An 8 ton truck generally moves, in one load, a 3 to 4 bedroom home inclusive of the contents of the lounge, dining room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms and maids quarters.

To book a move is a 2 step process:

1) Complete the quote estimator on the left of this page

2) If you accept the quote, then click on book at the bottom of the quote


What does it cost and what if I misjudged?

4 ton
A 4 ton truck, driver and 2 loaders with twenty loading blankets cost R1800 all inclusive for a single load A second load will cost R1400 bringing the total cost up to R3200. This sum is the same price as that for a single load on an 8 ton truck. A 3rd or more loads will cost R1000 per load.

8 ton
An 8 ton truck, driver and 4 loaders with forty loading blankets cost R3200 all inclusive for a single load. A second load will cost R1800 bringing the total cost up to R5000. A 3rd or more loads it will cost R2000 per load.

These prices are on condition that the distance from premises A to premises B does not exceed 100km and is within the borders of Gauteng. Moves outside Gauteng will be quoted on a case by case basis. Just Trucking exclusively use closed furniture removal trucks.

Additional Costs

Shuttle vehicle

(Complexes often do not allow vehicles to enter that are 4 or 8 tons. A smaller vehicle may be required to shuttle the goods from the home/business to the street).

If a shuttle vehicle is required for the move at one location it will cost R600 extra for the day. If a shuttle vehicle is required on both sides it will cost R1000 extra for the day.

Upstairs: (If you are not moving from a ground floor to a ground floor structure additional cost will be incurred per load). Upstairs to ground floor structure will cost R200 extra per load. Upstairs to upstairs structure will cost R400 extra per load.



Payment is as transparent as everything else about Just Trucking. You pay nothing in advance unless you want to. Goods are collected at the premises that you are moving from and payment is required when the truck arrives at the premises that you are moving to.

Unfortunately we will not offload unless the driver has received payment. The reason is that unfortunately some folks forget where the money is once we have put the furniture in the new premises. We’re not kidding!!

Payment is done load by load or if you wish, as some clients do, you are welcome to pay in advance for our service into our bank account. You will receive a refund if you did not require as many loads as you thought.



All goods transported by Just Trucking are covered by limited liability goods in transit insurance up to the value of R250 000.00.


If you are not following the truck from premises A to premises B then feel free to place your own lock on the truck’s doors to prevent any tampering. We also lock the trucks ourselves and the driver retains the key.


If you are a pensioner older than 65 years you automatically receive a 10% discount on all prices listed.

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