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Helpful hints when moving

A bit of pre- planning and organising can relieve the stress of moving. As our service requires that you package your Furniture yourself, these hints will help when ‘You Box It’.

  • Boxing: Heavy Items use smaller sturdy boxes.
  • Boxing: Lighter Items can be packed into bigger boxes to lessen the number of boxes to be loaded.
  • Seal the boxes properly at both the top and bottom e.g. brown masking tape works well for this.
  • Label the boxes according to where they were packed from e.g. bedroom, bathroom, etc.
  • Fragile / Breakable Items, e.g. mirrors, glasses, ornaments, etc, need protective wrapping such as bubble wrap, newspaper wrappings and even towels work in the boxes.
  • Water filled Items, e.g. flower pots, should be drained and wrapped in plastic to avoid leakages.

Preparation For Your Move
  • Clear all passages, entrances and exits to allow for big Items to be removed out first.
  • Please dismantle headboards and side cupboards from the beds as this saves time.
  • Please see that the driveway is clear for the truck to get as close as possible, especially for complexes, where it would be beneficial to reserve a parking space nearest to the entrance.

Have Extra Time To Organise?
  • Delicate / Breakable items are also better protected when, not only bubble wrapped / in newspaper, but also sealed in boxes.
  • Stacking boxes and bags closer to the entrance is advised as long as they do not block the passages and entrances / exits to move the large objects.
  • Note: Boxes containing delicate / breakable items should be placed to one side as we pack them in last to avoid other heavier boxes being placed on top of them.



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