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Please remove all small portable items of value e.g. laptops, cell phones, jewellery from the move as no claims of petty theft will be entertained. Having such items lying around will just make both you and our staff uncomfortable and the idea is to enjoy, as much as possible, your move. We do not have a theft problem but if such items are not there you won’t worry or think that we might. Just relax and let us load and offload!!

Remember that you are paying per load and for a certain volume. If you are not happy with the way the vehicle is loaded at address A call the office and request a repack. You can’t object to how the vehicle was loaded when it arrives at address B. No such objections, at that point, will be entertained. Be reasonable, sometimes two or more loads are unavoidable so don’t force things and damage your furniture.

If you are not following the vehicle from premises A to premises B then feel free to place your own lock on the vehicles doors to prevent any tampering. We also lock the vehicles ourselves and the driver retains the key. After offloading the driver will ask you, if you would like, to inspect both the rear and driver compartment to assure yourself that nothing has been left behind accidentally or otherwise. These simple security measures if applied by you will ensure a smooth move and we hope a referral from you to your friends and family.



All goods transported by Just Trucking Movers are covered by limited liability goods in transit insurance up to the value of R250 000.00. This covers fire, accident damage (the vehicle collides with another vehicle) or hijacking. Damage due to handling is not covered so please inform your household insurer that you are moving. Remember, if you wrapped your furniture properly our highly experienced staff are not likely to get it wrong.

Because any of the three things we cover could happen, touch wood it hasn’t yet, please compile a detailed inventory list for the driver to sign upon loading. This list will be submitted to our insurer in the event of such a tragedy.


Cancellations, Refunds and Penalties

We at Just Trucking Movers have a strict no work no pay policy. If you have paid in advance and have to cancel no later than 5 pm the day before your move we will give you a full refund no questions asked. If you cancel on the day of the move as staff and vehicles have already been arranged you will forfeit 50% of your advance payment and be refunded the rest. If you reschedule at the last minute before a vehicle has left to come to you no fee will be deducted. A rescheduled move that is cancelled will automatically forfeit 50% of any advanced payment. As we give discounts to clients when we are late please note that a delay penalty of R250 per every 15 minutes will be added to your bill if we arrive at address B and we can’t start offloading within 15 minutes. Ensure you have the right to move into the second address and that you have the keys!! Please remember that you are paying per load and are not hiring the vehicle for the whole day. Unreasonable delays will be subject to our delay penalty so ensure you have the keys and the payment ready!! If a client requires an unplanned second load and this causes a delay to your move you will still receive the 5% discount.


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